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  • I Don't Even Wanna Wake Up by oO5 Dynasty.

    I Don't Even Wanna Wake Up is 9 minutes and 43 seconds long. It's in the key of C-sharp major and the time signature is 4 beats per measure. Loudness is -11.94 db and the tempo is around 84.03 bpm.

    Acousticness: 72% - Track is acoustic

    Danceability: 37% - Track isn't good for dancing

    Instrumentalness: 93% - Likely is instrumental

    Energy: 66% - Track is energetic

    Speechiness 4% - Probably doesn't contain talking

    Liveness: 30% - Track was recorded in a studio (not live)

    Valence: 12% - Vibe is sad, depressed, and/or angry
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